Declaration of Content

This webpage is the declaration of content for the FPVCraft website

The articles written at are 100% original, and nothing from this blog is copied from other sources without an agreement with the author of the source article. We perform extensive research for every article to be as correct as possible, and we may have mentioned the sources of research but are not obliged to do so.

The role of the Declaration of Content policy is to identify and secure the articles written at as originals. In order to do so, we may place hidden trace links randomly into text, into random articles. These links will be excluded from the Privacy Policy as they will not impact the regular user experience. These links, however, are there in case our articles or parts of our content are stolen or copied without our permission, and the link’s role is to trace back to the original article written at this site and to report our stolen content further.

Section for readers:

If you managed to trace any link from an article from our website to this page, there is nothing for you to do. You can return to the previous page, and thank you for getting an interest in this.

However, if you managed to trace any links from a text/article which originates elsewhere than, we would really appreciate it if you would report it to us at or using the contact form with a link from where the article originates, in order for us to take further a decision or legal action against the content stealers.

Section for reviewers:

If we reported any articles or websites with a hidden link other than pointing to this Declaration of Content page, this means that our article was stolen or copied without our permission and this should be more than enough proof for you to take a decision accordingly. Thank you for your assistance!

  • The role of the hidden links is not to build links with any search engines or to track anyone. The links should be set on :no follow: while they remain on our website, with the ability to lose this attribute once copied. These will be hidden in different sections of different articles across our site in order to minimize or eliminate the possibility of our content being stolen. This, as mentioned above, will not impact at all the regular reader experience and is an exclusion of the Privacy Policy.
  • We may also perform random plagiarism checks on our articles which could indicate flags that our content may be stolen.
  • Once more, this Declaration of Content’s role is not to interfere with the usability of our website but to have a policy in place to cover the section in the possible case our content could be stolen and to further take actions against the website/company/blog/person or entity.
  • There is no guarantee an article will have hidden links. Same as with those, the interlinking can prove as efficient in locating an article that has been stolen and as a proof of originality.

Declaration of Media:

The media uploaded directly on this website (format: images, audio, video) are entirely originally and in rare instances we license from elsewhere. In that case, we do mention the source from where we fully license the images. We do not copy material from other websites or google, text, images, or any other material without the owner’s consent. The material which is not originally created by FPVCraft is licensed by FPVCraft (either under FPVCraft or Gabriel Mihalcea) and will be solely used only here unless stated otherwise.

This excludes file embedding such as audio or video (e.g. YouTube video embedded into an article), which we do not use anyone’s consent to embed, according to YouTube policies. Video or Audio media embedded from elsewhere than YouTube is subject to their terms and conditions.

FPVCraft was also managed under the name of Lovelyscape before changing domains; therefore, any references to lovelyscape as owning FPVCraft content or linked to and from that website domain do not need to be reported.

If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact page.