ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 606w (Review)

The thing is... This Allpowers 606W Portable Power Station proved to be an incredible powering device for drones, laptops and more.

ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 606w (Review)

Well, this is it! This is the Allpowers Portable Power Station, version 606w.

It basically can store a bit over 600w of electricity for multiple uses, with all kinds of output ports. 

Are you ready to read a very honest review, non-sponsored and non-affiliate? 

In this article, I am sharing everything is to know about the Allpowers Portable Power Station 606w with the 100w portable solar panel, the pros and the cons, the good, the bad, and the ugly, and how this performs for travel people because I am traveling and camping with it, charging batteries (including drone batteries) a lot.

The version I have, own, and tested is the European model with 220v power output, whereas the US and some other countries’ versions will come with 110v output.

Always be aware of where you acquire the Allpowers Portable Power Station and to have compatible plug power. 

Note: This article was originally written by me on my other website, Lovelyscape, and moved to FPVCraft and was updated accordingly with information for charging drones & FPV drones from it.

I would strongly recommend you keep reading this article, but if you also want to see the video I created, please watch it below: 

At the beginning of January 2024, I still have this unit, which has worked perfectly fine until now. No signs of battery degradation. Moreover, the issue with display percentage fixes itself in time, after many cycles (between 50 and 100)

Introducing the Allpowers Portable Power Station 606w for traveling and camping 

To get with the very beginning, when you are away camping, traveling, and so on, you need the power to charge your phones, cameras, drones, tablets, laptops, etc. 

606w is quite a lot of electricity stored in this little device. 

Not so little; it is quite heavy, though.

But 600w is more than enough to keep us charged and connected for an extended period of time, depending on what you are charging, and with the 100w solar panel that came with my unit, I am about to have an unlimited amount of energy to use for most of my electronic devices, including drones as long as there is a sun to charge it. 

The power station comes with pros, and yes, it comes with cons.

There are two cons that made me rethink the idea of still using it for the long term, but we will find out a bit later. 

But yet until then, let’s see the most basic info: 

Is it heavy? Where can I take the ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 606w?

ALLPOWERS portable power station 606w weight
Power Station Weight

Right now, I am placing the ALLPOWERS power station 606w on the scale, and it shows me to weigh around 5.3kg just the power station, and the ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel 100w weighs about 3.7kg.

This is a total of 9 kilograms to think if you want to take this setup with you on your travel trips, camping, etc.

It is ideal to have and take it with you on your travels when you travel by car, and you want to camp where you can benefit from the sun’s power to charge the power station. 

But if you think backpack travel, neither the power station nor the solar panel are good choices because they are cumbersome.

Believe me, I tried taking them with me for a few miles of backpack near my home, and I had to return to leave it at home because it was too heavy to go up the hill.

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For now, let’s go a bit over the specs, shall we?

As input ports, you have three different kinds of inputs: 

  • The wall charging, which includes the massive power brick, it charges at around 100w per hour
  • The solar input where you can connect your solar panel – also, as a side note, with the solar panel which comes with an allpowers portable power station; you can connect it to the DC input socket, which is used to charge from the brick, thus making it all possible to use TWO SOLAR PANELS at the same time: one via the solar charging port and the other one via the DC input (or whatever name it has)
  • Ah, yes, and the third way to charge is via the USB-C port, which has an input-output function. This makes it useful if you have a car cigarette lighter on your car with USB-C output, and you can charge the power station straight from the car while driving.

The input USB-C supports up to 60w per hour of charging.

But in my opinion, the input-output USB-C does not perform satisfactorily because it does not detect the device well; for instance, if I try to charge my ASUS laptop via USB C.

In fact, the power station is charging, draining the battery from the laptop, which forces me to use the wall socket instead. 

The same thing happens If I try to charge my other power banks via USB-C from the power station; instead, it charges the power station from my other power banks. 

But there is always a workaround for these little issues.

Anyway, let’s get back to ports: so, input: DC from power brick, Solar panel or dual solar panels, and USB C. 

Now let’s see what kind of output ports it has this power station: 

ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 606w UK/EU PLUG

It has the following: 

  • 1x USB-C with input/output function as mentioned above – the positive side of this is that it gives out up to 60w of fast charging, which charges all my devices (one by one) in no time.
  • 3x USB-A (of which two of them are 3.0 and one of them is 2.0)
  • 2x output DC ports 
  • 1x car cigarette lighter socket
  • And the most important, two 220V (European model) outputs which support up to or around 500w output per hour – with this, you can basically connect a lot of household electronics, your laptop, as an example, the electric pump from my air bed which I use it in my tend, so many devices with under 500w per hour power consumption. 

And for gamers, yes, you can plug in your gaming laptop and play games outdoors for a while, depending on your laptop’s power consumption. 

For use in real-world applications with drones, with the Powerstation, you are able to charge any drone battery, from either USB-C, such as a DJI Mini 3 Pro, to using a plug socket to charge, for instance, the DJI FPV drone batteries.

Moreover, the power station has more than enough power to support a dual-charger 6s FPV battery charging station.

Thinking about the fact that a drone battery may have 1000mAh to 2500mAh, really, depending on your drone, you can charge up to a hundred of those batteries. Of course, it all depends on your drone’s battery capacity.

But think on the other side, the power stations have a total capacity of 164000mAH (or 164 amps), with nearly 100% of usable power. You can do the math!

If you travel with a car and take this with you, not only can you fly your drones as much as you love it, but charging the power station from the sun will easily replenish the battery.

The absolute main reason I chose this power station over the others is that the 220V sockets do support at the same time UK plugs and EU plugs – and as a person who lived in the UK and traveled around Europe, I have a mixture of UK and EU plugs, which all fit perfectly into those sockets. 

Some other things the power station has, are two of 1w lights and a small illuminated screen which shows you some information such as battery percentage, either input or output wattage, what’s turned on, and so on. 

This power station also has Bluetooth; you can monitor it via the ALLPOWERS app. 

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ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 606w

What do I think about all these features the ALLPOWERS PORTABLE POWER STATION 606w has? 

Well, it is handy; a lot of big pros in this field, and I have personally used all these features with no issues. Only their app is a bit wonky and could be improved.

Now, let’s have a look at the ALLPOWERS 100w portable solar panel.

This solar panel is optional to choose when acquiring the ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 606w.

It folds in two for transportation and is quite lightweight. It comes with two connection cables (one is the solar charging standard, and the other one is the DC cable). 

But, both cables are really SHORT, in my opinion. I had to cut one and extend it with some other cable (you can also do it, but at your own risk!)

Well, frankly, if the sun is up in the sky during the summer, I was able to charge at around a maximum of 80w per hour input from the solar panel, which is excellent.

But either there is an issue, or I don’t know enough about the efficiency of solar panels – After the solar panel gets hot (believe me, it will!), the efficiency drops with 10-15w at least, charging way less than before.

From all the information I had gathered about solar panels is that the efficiency temporarily drops when the panel is super hot in the fierce summer sun, so it should not be something to worry too much about. 

But beware that the ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel 100w is NOT waterproof and can be damaged if it rains much on it. 

For the best experience, I would recommend having a secondary solar panel, no higher than 100w.

Then you should not worry at all about the power input if you have a lot of consumers on your travel or camp.

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ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 606w Safety Features

allpowers power station

First thing, don’t leave it in the sun while charging! It becomes really hot and fast, and there is no safety feature. At least nothing to cool it down, but that’s common; it is not meant to be kept in the sun.

So, when the AC Inverter is on, at times, a cooler will start cooling it down to avoid overheating. The more current you pull or, the higher the temperature outdoors, the more it will spin.

Precisely like a computer or laptop ventilator. If you use it in hot weather, that may even stay on continuously. 

Moreover, the batteries also have a cooler to cool them down when they get hot. But that goes on rarely, though, as I presume they usually stay at a reasonable temperature.

If you plug in something with consumption higher than 500w or with very high peaks at the start, the AC safety will go off, turning off by itself and warning you. You can restart the AC a few seconds later with no issues.

This will prevent any damage to the power station, battery, or inverter. 

As a side note, if you want, you can watch the following video of someone disassembly this unit (a very similar unit) to see what’s inside and have an in-depth overview of the electronics and how they function each

You probably had waited a long time for the downside of the ALLPOWERS Portable power station 606w, or you just skipped it. 

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Downsides of the ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 606w with 100w ALLPOWERS solar panel.

downside of allpowers portable power station 606w

Starting with a minor downside, the percentage level is not always right.

Many times, it is displayed wrong. As an example, I have 71% now, I am charging something, and in a few seconds, it will drop to 67%, will stay there for longer than usual, then again drop to 62% – It just happens randomly, and this seems not to be calibrated properly, no matter how many times I charged it from zero to full to provide a proper calibration.

No, it just doesn’t do it right. Moreover, after you reach 100%, the power station will keep charging for a lot longer while the input wattage will slowly drop. 

Update: After one year of often using the ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 606w, I can confirm that largely the percentage level drop stabilized and now rarely fluctuates, maybe only when pulling big currents from the power stations.

But as compared to before, it just needed to stabilize long-term (after a dozen full charge/discharge states)

We do have an issue with the next major part:

The power station is advertised as you can use it to charge your stuff while it is charging itself, either from the power brick or solar panel.

That is true; however, the software does NOT REGISTER AT ALL any power consumption while charging – for instance, If I have 70% battery, I charge with 70 watts and have a consumption of 130 watts, normally, the percentage should drop, but instead, this either goes up as I would have 0W of power consumption or freezes to the same level. 

That is not an issue for me displaying it wrong, at least not until it reaches 100% when the input power drops towards zero, making the solar panel or any power input useless if you have anything connected to the battery. 

It happened to me after I reached 100%, and the battery took less and less power from the solar panel while draining a lot more; one time, after disconnecting the solar panel, in only a few minutes, it dropped to less than 50% because of all the power I consumed from the power station while the charging stopped at 100% and the percentage remained at 100%.

  • You can watch the video I created and linked above, or you can click here to get straight to the minute to see the issue for yourself in the video.

Of course, you can keep disconnecting the solar panel while at 100% for a while to let the battery keep calibrating to show you the right percentage, but this makes it kind of useless to keep the solar panel connected all the time, in special when is around maximum percentage, no matter how much you drain from the battery.

This won’t charge it and won’t display it correctly. 

It is too bad that there is absolutely no way, or at least I didn’t find any way to update the software to fix the issue because, yes, this is a significant flaw. It should go up and down when you drain from the battery and charge it at the same time, depending on the power consumption.

But it doesn’t; it never does! At least not with my UNIT. It could be either defective or a widespread issue with the allpowers portable power station 606w.

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Tests and real-life results of ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 606w

allpowers portable power station 606w results

I also tested the integrity of the battery with a 12v fridge which constantly and accurately drained about 55w continuously, and the test was from 100% drop to 1% while not charging at all, resulting in about 590wats of usable energy, which is extremely good.

Some other units and power stations may even have 15-20% unusable energy. 

Although it may have a problem with calibration and displaying the battery level to the percent correctly, the current is always there, and it didn’t seem to be influenced by the total amount of storage.

In the past couple of months, since I have had this unit, I have used it over 50 times from full charge to full discharge, and the battery has remained stable all the way.

Allpowers mentioned that the efficiency would drop to about 80% of usable battery after 600 uses, more or less. It all also depends on how you charge and discharge your battery.

As an update to the above line, which I wrote it more than half a year ago, this is the new one-year long-term update:

The battery was used continuously on a dozen occasions when I traveled with my car and camping to use some power tools, emergency lights, and powers, on fishing, from freezing temperatures to 40-degree hot, and on so many more occasions both by myself and borrowed to my father – the ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 606w works PERFECTLY as NEW with not even a slight more issue than the ones mentioned above. 

The power station NEVER failed me on so many occasions. This is my honest non-sponsored, and non-affiliate review. 

I do hope this battery lasts for years to come. As I am writing the script of the original video from which I made this article, I am charging my iPad from the battery and my phone as well while I am camping.

So yes, the ALLPOWERS PORTABLE POWER STATION 606W is a great device with some minor and major flaws, but usable once you get used to keeping connecting and disconnecting the solar power once it’s full to calibrate the percentage manually. 

In the meantime, ALLPOWERS released yet another power station similar version to this one, and there are few differences between them, probably just an upgrade. I cannot confirm or deny that with the newer version, they fixed the issues of this one.

Thank you very much for reading this article or watching my video. This was my sincere review of the allpowers portable power station 606w with the 100w solar panel from allpowers.

This was not an affiliate video, nor was I sponsored in any way to make it. After using it for a while, it is just my honest review, with the good and bad. All the best to you, and I hope to see you next time!

Note: This article was updated on September 4th, 2023, a year after the initial review. The power station still does very well. See you next year with another update!

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