DJI FPV Normal Mode vs. Sport Mode (explained)

It is no surprise that the DJI FPV has the normal and sport modes on top of manual (acro). How are those, and what's the difference?

DJI FPV Normal Mode vs. Sport Mode (explained)

The DJI FPV is a fantastic choice for starting to fly FPV drones in manual (acro) mode. But wait, this drone also has normal mode and sport mode. How are those working? Are they any good?

The DJI FPV Sport Mode has better maneuverability, is more cinematic, and overall faster than the DJI FPV Normal Mode, where the Normal Mode has a smoother flight style and a bunch of active sensors, such as obstacle avoidance. 

In this topic, I want to share an in-depth insight into flying the DJI FPV in Normal Mode and Sport mode and everything is to know.

What are DJI FPV Normal Mode and Sport Mode?

The DJI FPV drone has three functional modes. Each time you fly the drone, you need to set a mode, which can be either Manual, Sport, or Normal modes.

The manual mode is the main one that makes the DJI FPV tick and is so popular, offering immersive FPV controls and taking advantage of 100% of the drone.

However, this drone also comes with a Normal Mode and a Sport Mode, like no other FPV drone but the new Avata.

Both modes are quite similar in functionality but different.

The Sport Mode is faster overall, more cinematic if you ask me, and can reach longer distances than normal mode because it can reach higher speeds at a bit of sacrifice on the battery. 

The Normal Mode has forward obstacle sensing active. Although this is less than standard drones such as DJI Mini 3 Pro, the sensing system can still be helpful in some situations.

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How do you swap between normal mode and sport mode?

Swapping between normal mode and sport mode is easy, usually with a push of the physical button on the DJI FPV Remote Controller.

You have N, S, and M on the back of the controller. 

N being Normal, S being Sport, and M, Manual.

It is always important to check the mode before you lift off the drone. Do not take off in manual mode if you don’t know to fly manual (acro style).

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What is the practical difference between Normal Mode and Sport Mode on DJI FPV Drone?

The practical difference is that you will always have to choose between having a smoother flight style, forward sensing active, and the full benefit of all sensors versus higher speed, better cinematic videos, and more sensitive maneuverability.

Let’s have a look on the following table highlighting the DJI FPV Normal and Sport modes max speeds

DJI FPV Normal ModeDJI FPV Sport Mode
Max Ascend Speed8m/s (28.8km/h)15m/s (54km/h)
Max Descent Speed7m/s (25.2km/h)10m/s (36km/h)
Max Speed15m/s (54km/h)27m/s (97.2km/h)

DJI FPV Normal and Sport modes max speeds

From the above table, we can clearly observe that the max speed reach in sport mode is nearly double that of the one in normal mode.

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When should you fly the DJI FPV drone in normal mode rather than sport mode?

Flying the DJI FPV in normal mode is perfect for a beginner who only starts flying drones and has the DJI FPV Drone.

I would not recommend to anyone without proper training and experience to fly straight in manual mode.

And sport mode is slightly aggressive as compared to the normal mode; therefore, for any beginner, it is perfect to start flying the DJI FPV drone in normal mode.

If you need to take advantage of the frontal sensing system, use normal mode.


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When should you fly the DJI FPV drone in sport mode rather than normal mode?

If you want to create cinematic videos different from normal and manual modes, the sport mode is a perfect choice.

We can take advantage of the fact that the gimbal has horizontal electronic stabilization of about 10 degrees, making it perfect for flying forward at high speed and changing direction with little inclination.

This will give an edge over the normal mode and be different than manual mode flights for stunning and unique cinematic videos.

For instance, I would recommend you watch this video (not mine) as I found it very inspiring and well highlighting how both modes, in special sport mode works.

Sport mode is also a perfect choice over the normal mode if you intend to fly the DJI FPV drone far away and to an extreme.

The sport mode will allow you to quickly go around with the drone and reach decent speeds while still not needing to use the manual mode.

A good example will be if you want to get closer to a mountain or a distant destination or if you need to change your drone location.

Why DJI FPV added normal and sport modes to an FPV drone?

Think that there are no other drones on the market except for DJI FPV and the newly released DJI Avata that can go full-way FPV acro and as well to be used as a standard drone.

This can attract a wide market, and I love the fact that I have those modes, in the end, not always using manual mode. 

There are situations when using normal mode (rarely sport for me) can’t be better, and I don’t need another drone to do its job.

What else do we need to know about DJI FPV Normal Mode and Sport Mode?

The DJI FPV is the first drone in the world capable of offering an immersive experience via DJI FPV Goggles (v2) and being able to fly in normal and sport and as well in manual, to switch from FPV Acro experience to Normal Drone Experience.

  • If you are in sport mode and press the emergency stop, the sport mode is switched automatically to normal mode. The same thing happens if you want to use the RTH (return-to-home) function.
  • Using both Normal and Sport Modes over manual mode will give you a slight edge where the drone is stabilized and can hover.
  • Flying the DJI FPV Drone in either normal mode or sport mode with the controller throttle spring tension released, it would be more difficult to fly the drone as compared to a standard drone (the throttle spring tension has to be removed in order to fly manually)

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A humble conclusion

There are quite a few practical differences between flying the DJI FPV Drone in Normal mode and Sport mode. 

In the end, there is no one better than the other. Each mode should be adequately used for different instances. 

It is just practical to complete one with another when needed and get used to the full functionality of the DJI FPV Drone.

Personally, I haven’t used the sport mode with the DJI FPV Drone much, although there have been occasions where using it may be justifiable. 

I am the simple guy who is used to flying FPV in full manual mode instead.

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