EREA Drone 2023 Review

EREADrone 2023 review (screenshot within simulator)

In the search for the perfect FPV simulator to train our abilities to fly FPV drones, we may get confused with the number of simulators. There are so many, and yet so different from each other. Overall, what’s the better one to have? Good graphics or drone management and simulator physics?

With this being said, have you heard about EREA Drone 2023? I will try to cover everything that is to know about this simulator, the pros and cons, how well it is compared to other ones, and if it’s worth acquiring it.

As a disclaimer, this is a non-sponsored and non-affiliate review. I was offered the simulator for free to test it, but this won’t influence my review. I often stay in touch with the mastermind behind this simulator, who is open to feedback and improving it because the best way to do it is based on what others say and want, so said opinions to make it work as it should, with genuine feedback from FPV drone pilots.

So, for better understanding, I will split this review into multiple categories, and we’re gonna start with the introduction.

But before, if you’re willing to watch a video instead of a written article, I have this covered.

What is EREA Drone 2023?

EREA Drone 2023 is an FPV simulator that will allow you to learn how to fly FPV drones before taking one out in the real world. It is an excellent choice if you’re looking to spend your rainy Sundays and improve your FPV skills.

With EREA Drone, we have some fantastic graphics. But this simulator is not available on Mac Computers, so surely you will need a Windows PC with a dedicated video card to play it.

Furthermore, let me share you the specs to make this work:

Minimum Requirments

  • OS: Windows 7 64bits
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-4460 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 4GB / AMD Radeon RX 470 4GB
  • Memory: 8GB RAM
  • Storage: 35GB HDD
  • Network: Internet connection
  • Controller: Game controller or remote

Recommended Requirments

  • OS: Windows 10 64bits
  • CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-9600K / AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 8GB / AMD Radeon RX 590 8GB
  • Memory: 12GB RAM
  • Storage: 35GB SSD
  • Network: Internet connection
  • Controller: Game controller or remote

Their official website is, and the simulator can also be purchased from Steam.


frsky horus x10s (left) and dji fpv remote controller 2 (right)

Undoubtedly, if you’re looking to get the best out of an FPV simulator, this has to be compatible with different FPV remote controllers. I have the FrSky Horus X10S and DJI FPV Remote Controller 2 here with me for testing.

Keep in mind that before joining any match or training on a map, you will have to go through a one-time setup and calibration process for the radio transmitter.

That’s a process to do with any FPV simulators and not only EREA drones. So, let’s see how that is with my FrSky Controller.

EreaDrone 2023 is fully compatible with FPV controllers, including the ones I have tested. I’m pretty confident that if you have a radio transmitter that works with other FPV simulators, it should definitely work with EreaDrone 2023.


graphics of the erea drone 2023 fpv simulator

The graphics behind EreaDrone 2023 are more than decent. In fact, I can say that if you’re aiming for maximum graphic settings, EreaDrone will have its top place altogether with TRYP and Uncrashed FPV.

But there is a reminder that with great graphics, your computer requires heavy resources to run smoothly.

Therefore, if you don’t have a good gaming computer with at least 8GB of video RAM, you will fall behind in performance unless you drop down details and resolution.

What I also like about the graphics is that you have a “cinematic option” and the ability to change the time of the day before you start the map, including the weather conditions.

With cinematic mode, you have a high amount of depth of field, the same as when filming with a DSLR camera, where the subject is in focus, and everything else is blurred.

This can result in a unique experience flying a drone that, frankly, I have not seen in any other simulators before.

But not everyone will like the cinematic mode; therefore, even going to high or very high details, remember that EreaDrone 2023 does require a lot of resources to run smoothly.

A couple of recent updates have improved the game’s performance, so expect more in the future to optimize resource allocation better.

Now, let me be honest with you here. 

I have a gaming computer with the 3060 12GB video card that can run triple-A games without issues, but I still have framerate drops when I go to the highest or cinematic settings in EreaDrone 2023 on full HD resolution, as well as noticeable artifacts. So we’re looking forward to more updates, though.


ereadrone 2023 drones options

This simulator does not currently have a lot of drones in the back pocket. You do have a standard drone, a tiny quad, and three more FPV drones of different sizes. 

That’s not a lot to go with, but neither do we need a dozen drones to have fun or practice in the simulator.

But here’s what I love about these drones. They are highly customizable.

You can even set the PID mode, which more realistically mimes an FPV drone flying in the real world. You can also change the mass of the drone, voltage, KV, size, and pitch, and the customizability continues with a ton of more options that my brain fails to comprehend. That’s the area for FPV experts, which I’m clearly not, but we’re glad it’s there.

Also, you’re able to change the RATES once you’re in the game flying the drone, but the rate profile is stuck to only Betaflight.


EeraDrone 2023 building map option

As for maps, EreaDrone 2023 currently has 16 maps, which is extremely good and diversified. But one major advantage is the ability to create your own map.

And this type of map is nothing like Liftoff has in a pixelated environment. You can create a real map with structures, vehicles, infinite options, and the ability to place objects and adjust on all three axes (X, Y, and Z).

Don’t get me wrong. Some other simulators have decent map builders. But the one found in EreaDrone is the best I’ve seen from any FPV simulator.

It takes a good learning curve, but the possibilities are endless though.

So thank you, EreaDrone, for this! – said most sincerely!

Simulator physics and drone dynamics

screenshot from within the EreaDrone 2023 fpv simulator

Now, this is a controversial topic; many pilots will have different opinions.

I create a lot of content around FPV simulators and have spent hundreds of hours practicing and testing such simulators to provide more accurate results.

In the first place, the simulator physics is high above average. In fact, they’re pretty realistic, if not aiming towards the top, from gravity feel to drag, throttle management, and even overall drone control.

I have seen many worse FPV simulators in terms of physics and drone dynamics, but very few are better, and those certainly are challenged by EreaDrone.

DO NOT FORGET that you can highly customize a quad, so you can influence the drone’s weight, drag, and so many more options we mentioned earlier.

Game modes

racing within the EreaDrone 2023 fpv simulator

I love freestyle and free flights. I’m not a fan of FPV racing, as I’m good at crashing quite a lot, but I love some challenges though.

EreaDrone 2023 has three game modes: RACING, FREESTYLE, and CHALLENGE.

With Racing, you have about 32 maps (or tracks, to say) created for specific types of quads, and as you can see, 5 inches or tiny.

You have a guiding arrow to help you with the racing. And believe me, for a person like me with no sense of direction, that’s most helpful. 

Maybe that’s why I don’t do racing. I’m always thinking: where do I have to go next? Which gate? Where am I? 

But such good visual aids are more than helpful in practicing FPV racing.

As for freestyle, that’s what I love because there are no rules in flying FPV. You fly it, you crash it, etc.

As we mentioned, there are 16 different maps you can freely freestyle, from indoors to outdoors, stadium, city or temple, etc.

So there’s not much to say about this mode.

But as for challenges. Currently, there are only three maps. Very difficult, though, to make it. They are a combination of freestyle and racing, with timing. So, I’m not trying to get on any leaderboards but simply to finish the map. I’m so bad.

Once you crash or hit anything, it’s game over. You have to start it again.

So, if you’re up for a challenge, this is the game mode to make you spend endless hours of practice and tries until you get the best out of it.

Multiplayer mode

EreaDrone 2023 multiplayer mode

I’m not personally a big fan of multiplayer modes in FPV, but is good that we have one with EreaDrone.

Unfortunately, at the time of making this video, there are no multiplayer lobbies.

So, I have created one. You can choose only between racing and freestyle.

They can join for a maximum of 8 pilots, but it looks like a 20-pilot slot is in development, so that’ll be something.

And there is a place for spectators only.

The environment, interface, or game doesn’t change much from training in single-player. In fact, it’s mostly the same structure.

I was waiting for a bit for another pilot to join my match and see how it is to duo freestyle, but I ran out of luck.

As EreaDrone 2023 gains popularity with new fixes and updates, I expect more pilots to grab it and even enjoy these multiplayer modes.


screenshot within ereadrone 2023, noticeable bugs

So, during all the time I have practiced in EreaDrone 2023, I can’t say I didn’t come across a few bugs that made me think, “What’s that?”.

The first bug I have noticed is when you fly in a foresty area, and you want to go through a forest, just don’t go through it.

There are many “invisible” objects or obstacles, I don’t know, where your drone stumbles across, crashing mid-air. And it happens to be quite a few such spots. But I’m sure there would be fixes and improvements, so by the time you see this video, they could already be fixed.

On the other hand, if you go with a micro drone, the smallest you have, I feel like you’re flying a 3- or 5-inch quad.

For instance, the micro drone goes incredibly fast as I fly indoors around the supermarket. They’re difficult to control and a bit inaccurate for their size. Sure thing, maybe my experience with micro quads is crappy, but it feels a bit unnatural.

And one last bug I want to report is related to the graphics of this simulator. A few inaccurate artifacts exist when flying at medium-high, even at the highest settings, or in cinematic mode.

From what I observe, it has to do much with the sun’s rays coming through the grass or tree leaves or branches. And if the anti-aliasing is lacking or not set at maximum (which can be daunting for the resource requirement), it’s a bit off.

Now, still, if I set the anti-aliasing to the highest possible settings at the risk of running into performance issues, the problem persists a bit.

Therefore, even with these bugs, they are not major ones. And I am more than confident that the developers behind the EeraDrone 2023 will fix those in no time. 


the stunning graphics of EreaDrone 2023 fpv simulator

Considering that EreaDrone 2023 was released in…2023 and is still a very new FPV simulator, it has fantastic potential.

The devs behind EreaDrone 2023 are very open to feedback and are trying their best to push this simulator toward the top.

I like to stay in touch with the owner because EreaDrone 2023 has an incredible possibility of becoming one of the best FPV simulators out there. Even at this time, it is an excellent one to consider.

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