Can You Vlog with FPV Drones?

With an FPV drone, you can do many things. But the question is, can you vlog with an FPV drone?

Can You Vlog with FPV Drones?

An FPV drone is a fantastic choice if you want unique cinematic videos that are impossible to acquire with other drones and devices. But can you vlog with an FPV drone?

You are NOT able to vlog directly with an FPV drone as with a standard drone, but you can obtain some unique cinematic videos as b-rolls for your YouTube videos, or someone else can pilot an FPV cinewhoop to help you vlog in style.

Therefore, in this topic, I want us to have a look together over everything to know about vlogging with an FPV drone and how we can benefit the best of it.

Why is vlogging with an FPV drone ideal?

As competition on YouTube has become more robust in the past few years, where more and more people started to vlog, it is harder to stand out.

But nowadays, we do have fantastic drones that can help even a beginner vlog with.

In this case, we will take a step further and think: what about vlogging with an FPV drone? Is it possible?

To answer this in detail, we must see how the FPV drone works compared to a standard drone.

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How does an FPV drone function compared to a standard drone?

An FPV drone will fly differently than a standard drone, and it would be more difficult to maneuver because you will have no assistive sensors when flying acro, and the drone will not be automatically leveled when receiving input from the pilot.

Any of the pilot inputs will continue to rotate in the stick direction, whereas a standard drone will be leveled automatically.

This is why, without experience and training in simulators, an FPV drone can easily crash. 

It is a fundamental skill to be learned to fly FPV. 

An FPV drone does not have either autonomous functions such as the active track of a standard drone (for instance, of DJI Mini 3 Pro) that could assist you in vlogging.

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Are you able to record yourself directly with an FPV drone?

Unless you sit in one place with the headset on and fly the drone near you and talk, it would not be easy to take such action.

But what is not difficult once you learn to fly FPV is that the footage you can obtain is out of this world and so unique that it adds massive value to your videos.

Remember, when flying FPV, you are in full manual mode, and nothing will stop the drone from crashing if you put the wrong inputs, even injuring yourself when trying to vlog.

And besides, remember that you will always have the goggles on you when flying. 

But what about someone else to fly?

Can someone else use an FPV drone to help you vlog?

vlogging with fpv drones

Absolutely! If an FPV drone pilot with experience flew an FPV drone, in special a cinewhoop, while you vlog, that would be a massive advantage of filming with a drone.

A scenic vlog combined with the FPV’s sudden detaching from the subject to fly cinematically in the surroundings would be fantastic even for the big YouTubers, and not many are doing it.

There are also a few things to remember in this case:

  • It is preferable for someone to film you with a cinewhoop FPV drone because they are safe and have duct tape to protect you, others, and the drone from the fast-spinning dangerous propellers.
  • You need to learn a lot and fly FPV in simulators, such as the Liftoff Simulator, to be able to safely fly the drone if you are also the pilot.
  • Flying FPV comes with more risks than flying a standard drone for vlogging.
  • You can always obtain out-of-the-ordinary footage with an FPV drone that can be an excellent addition to your vlogs, especially if you’re doing a travel vlog.
  • Always ensure you are aware of the drone and FPV drone laws.

Yes and no.

You can get started flying FPV cheap, but if you want to have fantastic videos recorded with your FPV drone, then you need to invest quite a lot of money, probably more than you invest into a standard drone.

But the easy way is to go with either the DJI FPV drone or the DJI Avata when you want to fly FPV in favor of vlogging. 

This way, you won’t have to complicate yourself with the difficult part of FPV.

What else do we need to know about vlogging with an FPV drone?

  • Once you start flying FPV for your vlogs and create a fantastic b-roll, you will be turned to the “FPV side.”
  • This type of content produced will match the travel vloggers perfectly when you want to capture the place you travel to from a different and unique perspective.
  • Please remember that it would be challenging to film yourself and vlog simultaneously with an FPV drone all by yourself.
  • Most countries and states will require an FPV drone pilot to have a spotter with them. It’s not entirely legal to vlog solo with an FPV Drone. Please check your state/country’s drone laws.
  • Unless you choose the ready-to-fly DJI FPV or DJI Avata drones, you will complicate yourself too much.
  • Ultimately, an FPV drone can add value to the vlog.
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