Best RATES for VelociDrone

VelociDrone is one of the top FPV simulators for practicing flying FPV drones safely. But if you feel your controls are off, it's because of the RATES.

Best RATES for VelociDrone

VelociDrone is one of the most realistic FPV simulators existent. The drone will reach so accurately to joystick input that it can be easily compared to how an FPV drone flies in reality.

Moreover, RATES in VelociDrone translates very well. That’s why experimenting and finding the best rates to use with VelociDrone can also be used when flying FPV quads out there.

You can create and test an infinite number of RATES, both from Betalifght, Raceflight, ACTUAL, KISS, and so on. Nobody can cover them all.

But after testing different rates in VelociDrone for hours, I have found a few to use that work well with FPV drones.

Therefore, in this article, I want to share with you the best RATES for VelociDrone.

What is VelociDrone, and is it any good?

VelociDrone is an FPV drone simulator. In order to fly FPV in acro mode, you will need to undertake at least a few hours in a simulator to understand how acro works and stick input.

VelociDrone is one of the few FPV simulators that cannot be found on Steam. 

When I started with FPV a few years back, I got the Liftoff Simulator and stuck with it for a long time. Then I decided to go with TRYP FPV, Uncrashed, Liftoff Micro Drones, DRL, and a few other simulators to extend my knowledge and practice in different FPV simulators.

However, I ignored VelociDrone for quite some time until I read some of the reviews that convinced me to buy it separately, not only the simulator itself but with all the addons.

Ever since VelociDrone became one of my favorite simulators to practice and try different rates when I can’t fly FPV outdoors. 

And FPV rates, I have tried many of them.

One that I managed to use was Mr. Steele’s extremely sensitive rates by far more sensitive than other well-known FPV pilots are using.

But I loved it because once you create the muscle memory to work with it, I felt flying an FPV drone (in the simulator) is effortless. However, I didn’t want to transfer them to an actual FPV drone.

I have managed from those rates to create my perfect favorite rates, which translates into a bit of smooth flight towards the stick center axis and very sharp input towards the edge for freestyle.

Not everyone will like it, but I will also cover them below with some other rates I have tried, which works fantastically.

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What are RATES in FPV?

I already mentioned about 20 times the word “RATES.” What are they?

The rates are the sensitivity of the controller stick input and how fast or slow the drone will react when moving the YAW, ROLL, and PITCH.

There are linear rates that, if you use them, the stick input will respond linearly depending on how much the joystick will travel, and non-linear, which is what most pilots use and we will use as well.

ACTUAL and Betaflight rates are the most used ones.

With ACTUAL, we can transfer to a more knowledgeable reading and easier to understand, which works with Avata and DJI FPV Gain & Expo.

However, about most FPV drone pilots are using Betaflight rates, and you can set these in VelociDrone with no stress.

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Accurate vs. fast rates – What’s better?

If you are a beginner in FPV and looking for some rates to learn in VelociDrone, I will surely recommend the more accurate type of rates with fewer degrees per second to keep the drone stable and have better control.

However, if you already possess some knowledge of how to control an FPV drone in acro mode, I surely recommend some faster rates to use.

In fact, these rates should be set toward the center point to be less sensitive to stick input for accurate flights and towards the edge for some extreme freestyle responses. 

That’s why having a single set of rates to use not only in VelociDrone but with FPV drones in the real world would be the best way to train your muscle memory and learn how to fly an FPV drone accurately.

Once you find your perfect ones, stick with them. 

What rates I use and tested, which work in VelociDrone and FPV drones, translate well with 3 to 5-inch quads.

Microdrones are more difficult to be controlled by these RATES.

Best RATES for VelociDrone

The table below contains some of the rates I’ve often used and are perfect if you’re looking for some rates that will allow you smooth flights towards the center axis and to perform a bit of freestyle towards the edge of the joystick movement.

If you are a beginner looking for some simple RATES for VelociDrone (or even other simulators), I recommend you use and learn to control them in time.

VelociDrone RATES
CentreMax RateExpo

Therefore, in the above table, we have a non-linear response of the stick where, at maximum input, the drone will rotate at 800 deg/sec.

If you feel that the drone responds too abruptly in Velocidrone with 800deg/sec, try lowering the max rate to 700; the entire non-linear input will change, and the drone will fly more accurately with less sensitive inputs.

The following rates I have translated and changed from what Mr. Steele uses. I have lowered them a little bit and adjusted for the best gain, and ever since, these became my primary rates overall, not only in VelociDrone but in the real world.

Be aware that I do not recommend the following rates if you are a beginner. Use the above ones. However, with a bit of practice, you will find a sweet spot to use them or micro-adjust as per your liking.

The drone will respond more to the stick center than the above rates. But the max stick input for ROLL or PITCH will respond at about 1000deg/sec, which is extreme.

However, the YAW will respond differently to stick input, and the drone has a lowered max YAW stick of about 800 deg/sec, whereas the non-linear YAW curvature has been changed drastically.

Remember that the following rates are Betaflight.

VelociDrone RATES
RC RateRateRC Expo

Furthermore, here is what I mainly use (Betaflight) across VelociDrone and other simulators if you’re interested.


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How do we change rates in VelociDrone?

To change the rates in VelociDrone is not tricky. I will recommend you follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Start the VelociDrone launcher and simply enter the simulator
  • Step 2: In the main menu, go to Singleplayer > Select a Drone > Select a Map and enter the game
  • Step 3: While you are in-game, press ESC and go to Advanced Drone Setup
  • Step 4: From the rate profile, choose ACTUAL or BETAFLIGHT, depending on what rates you want to use from our recommendation.
  • Step 5: Once you set the values, save them. You can save up to 3 rates profiles per drone, and if you want to fly a different drone, you can simply copy these rates from the same Advanced Drone Setup > Copy Rates.

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